February 28, 2024

68 Years of Marriage, 33 Hours Apart

HIWJ – A mere 33 hours apart after 68 years spent together in marriage. Such romance still exists.

A love story from Minnesota. Corrine Louise Johnson and Robert Evan Johnson had been together for more than 68 years. On November 24, Corrine (87) died after suffering from congestive heart failure.

Her husband, Robert (88), followed her only one day after her death. Six months ago, the doctor diagnosed him with cancer. Ever since then, his health had been declining and was hospitalised immediately. Shortly after that, Corrine followed him in the hospital with the illness mentioned above.

When Corrine passed, the nurses pulled the curtain between them. Robert just stared at the curtain. Their son, Bruce, thought that he could stare at the curtain for weeks. Robert went downhill after that.

“Their marriage was beautiful. It was an honour to witness their love and be a part in it,” Bruce said.

Robert and Corrine married on October 20, 1951. They were only in their late teens. Not a year after tying the knot, they relocated to Norseland Eastview Farm where they raised some animals.

Corrine was a devoted Catholic where she taught Sunday School as well as worked at a creamery. Her husband? Well, he tended to the farm.

During their marriage, of course, there were some troubles. But, they always talked it out. Bruce said that they never went to bed with anger still looming over them.

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Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that such a beautiful love story still exists knowing the world we’re living in now is a hot mess. Love makes us do unexpected things. Not only that, fate, destiny also take some parts.

Not once during their marriage, either Corrine or Robert was unfaithful. The key would be communication. They fell in love with each other their whole lives.

Sometimes couples could fall out of love after a long time together. The hardest thing to maintain in marriage is how to stay in love. You’ll be with your partner until your dying day after all.

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