July 24, 2024

Human Rights, Something That Needs More Attention

Hiwj.org – Every human being has interdependent rights. It doesn’t matter wherever you might come from, your gender, your language, religion, ethnic origin… you are entitled to your indivisible rights as a human without having to face any discrimination.

Honestly, I am a little sceptical whether we have to be grateful that we live in this era or not. Sometimes, I think that we – as humans – are lacking empathy. Well, not all of us, but some of us. More often than not, we watch news about wars, discrimination, bullying, and so on.

Nations have laws. There’s an international law as well, just in case. I know, I know. But have we thought that sometimes those laws couldn’t even be implemented to some people? Some people have a free pass to do just about anything.

I would love to mention some nations who get all the free pass. However, this is a quite sensitive topic. Therefore, I will give a little hint. So, this nation got a free pass – always. Whatever they do, the world will think that it’s for the greater good.

What did they do? What are they doing now? To simplify: destroying, blowing the world up into tiny little pieces. The unseen wars between religions, races, ethnicities. Sadly, I know some people who come from the same ethnic origin being racist toward each other.

Sad life, sad life.

There are quite a lot of types of rights. Be it political, civil, economic, cultural, social, equality, and so forth. Human rights are interrelated. If one is improved, automatically the rest will do so too. And if one impoverishes, then the others will follow.

Violations of human rights happen everywhere. It’s everywhere. What we see often is that officials evict people forcibly out of their homes. Starvation that is failed to be prevented by the government officials denies any access to information related to health, employers prevention from discriminating recruitment: epic failure!

Such a beautiful world… such destructive humans.

As for Indonesia, it happened a few years back. Let me take you back to New Order Era when (late) Soeharto was the one leading the country. He, who was the president of Indonesia at that time, banned the use of indigenous languages, namely Chinese. Chinese-Indonesians were also forced to change their names into a more Indonesian-friendly name.

Thank God, the darkest time had passed. Still, the scars remain.

And the racism toward Chinese-Indonesians still exists until now, sadly. That’s right; the principle of universal inheritance applies here. And not in a positive light.

The least we could do now is that not to discriminate others. Educate ourselves about what is happening currently in this world would be a great start.

There is not much that we can do for now. But getting an education is a start where you can change the world into a better one. Be social, stay aware, be kind, be respectful, and do not discriminate others. I think we have to start with ourselves.

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